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„Our financial independence is part of our corporate culture and never ceases to motivate us.“

Eduard B. Wagner
Founder and Managing Partner


The people behind the systems

The increase in the networking of aerospace applications is revolutionising the world of business and defence technology. What for many people is a future dream is already a reality for INSYS aero. We develop solutions that make life easier, save time and money, and offer tactical advantages. Whether sender and recipient are separated by a few hundred metres or half the globe, it doesn''t matter: users immediately have the transparency they need. They can act straight away.

For INSYS aero, aerospace is a vocation and a passion. So it makes complete sense that we only give your clients top-quality work. We see ourselves as a service provider, and we always want to provide the best solution for each individual case. So even very specific ideas can be realised at attractive prices.

INSYS aero''s solutions are long-term solutions. Even at the consulting stage we think about likely changes in the needs profile. The products we give our clients are precisely tailored but can be used over the long term, and not to the exclusion of the latest developments. 


„Our effective quality management systems 
  play a particularly crucial role in aerospace and defence
Christoph Eder
INSYS aero Division Manager


The most stringent quality standards are complied with at every level within INSYS aero. All the results flowing out of Development, Production, Maintenance and Sales are subject to strict quality controls. This QM system, continuously evolving, and our DIN EN 9100 certification are a guarantee for client satisfaction.

We don''t know what the future will bring. But we are doing everything we can to make it more tangible.

Proven quality

Integrated, certified

management system:

EN 9100:2009

ISO 9001:2008

ISO 14001:2004

OHRIS 18001:2007

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Approved Production Organisation

No  DE.21G.0310


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