APX330 WiFi Access Point

Wireless Access Point for IFE and Connectivity Applications in Airplanes and Helicopters

The APX330 Wireless Access Point is a top-of-the-industry WiFi Access Point for IFE & Connectivity applications in aircraft cabins. Its integrated architecture and its software features are designed to fulfi ll small WiFi applications up to most demanding requirements for massive parallel multimedia streaming in difficult HF environments.

The APX330 enables customers to enroll WiFi-IFEC-systems, supporting 70+ Clients per WAP with a provided data rate of 1Mbps. The key feature is our outstanding Adaptive Spectrum Management, which provides adaptive global load balancing based on various parameters like RF environment and spatial distribution of clients. The genuine design is small, lightweight and with a very low heat dissipation.


The systems hardware and software is a unique rugged design, built from scratch solely by INSYS aero. This enables us to supply our customers with high-level integration support and expert-based lifetime assistance, so the APX330 is a future-proof investment. The design is made to be smart, secure, future-proof, reliable and finally with industries most outstanding WiFi performance.

Test and Streaming Environment

AvioXnet® STL

We have developed the highly professional test and streaming environment AvioXnet® STL with more than 180 clients (Android, iOS and Linux devices) within the scope of our quality assurance measures for the APX330. Dynamic, relocating or also temporally offset loads can be tested automatically, repeated deterministically and analysed here.


  • Dual 802.11ac-radios integrated
  • 70+ clients per WAP
  • Active Spectrum Management (ASM)
  • Global load balancing
  • Multi-client management
  • Quality of service management
  • Failsafe boot & firmware update

Typical Applications

  • Multimedia-streaming in fixed wings & helicopters
  • Web browsing in connectivity enabled applications
  • VoIP telephony gateway
  • Networking enabled gaming
  • On-board sales applications
  • WiFi Access Point in military & police applications and medical helicopter operations (HEMS)
  • Terminal Wireless Link/Bridge for maintenance
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No  DE.21G.0310


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